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About us

FION (Asia Pacific) Limited, founded in 1979, is a specialized in the design, development, production, wholesale and retail of high-quality and fashionable leatherwear. Our core business is trading our brand “FION”, a fashion and premium leatherwear brand of lady handbags.

FION Vision

To become one of the world’s most highly regarded premium leatherwear brand.

FION Value

FION is focusing on giving a high-quality lifestyle to ladies. FION gets its inspirations from different fashions and arts, and provides diversified designs to bring the spirit of art to ladies’ lives.

FION embodies great persistence on traditional artistry. Inheriting world class handcraft skill. FION aims to become one of the most highly regarded premium leatherware brands in the world.

FION "The way you are” advocated women should have their own fashion advocate, adhere to the quality request, to know the quality life of modern women's unique fashion taste, convey the new age women pursuit the lifestyle about self and personality.