AW21 WEG ART EXHIBITION – fionfashion


FION takes "Art To Life" as a new brand concept, and began to cooperate with world-renowned artists and art institutions. During the period, it has cooperated with Nechoji (China), Lisa Pappon (Germany), AKE (Thailand), Zhang Jianshi Yang (Taiwan, China), POMME CHAN (Thailand), Jayde Fish (United States) and other outstanding Chinese and foreign artists, successively cooperated with Universal Pictures of the United States and Nintendo of Japan to launch a number of international first-line IP cooperation such as Minions, Jurassic World, and Pikachu series, creating products that are loved and unique by many consumers. FION is committed to injecting the gene of art into the core spirit and original design of the brand, creating a new aesthetic that belongs to the younger generation.

In order to allow more consumers to truly perceive art and understand the creative stories of artists, in the autumn and winter of 2021, FION will invite several Chinese and foreign artists to create cross-border joint creations with little monsters as inspiration carriers to jointly create trendy art with the theme of "Fabulous Monster". exhibition. The exhibition was completed in the Paiyi Pavilion, Shenzhen OCT Creative Park, from November 3, 2021 to February 23, 2022.


FION hopes that through this exhibition, the connotation of art and the story behind it will be shown to the public, and the romance and fun of life will be discovered together with everyone, and the various flavors and flavors of life will be perceived together.

This trendy art exhibition with the theme of "Fabulous Monster" invited post-90s artist Shan Xiaoming (China) and top design team BENWU (USA) to design and create a fantasy interstellar landscape and experience installation for the exhibition. At the same time, there are also four artists from different countries - Super Freak (UK), Qu Ying (China), Jayde Fish (US), Pomme Chan (Thailand), who created "Fabulous Monster" for the exhibition. Art works, together to create a fantastic and infinite universe of monsters, the universe contains four planets - "Trick Planet", "Lonely Planet", "Romantic Planet" and "Dream Planet", forming an art, fashion in the exhibition. , interesting and trendy exhibition area. FION invites viewers to dabble, explore interstellar, and experience the romantic interest of life together.

The exhibition area is divided into two floors. In addition to the above-mentioned artist joint creation exhibition area, the second floor is also set up as a laboratory for FION monsters. Here, you will see the birth of a monster bag and feel the ingenuity and creativity. Clash and find out how FION explores the possibilities of materials with unique designs. Under the persistence of FION, materials grow tough in different ideas and creations, and classic handicrafts bring irreplaceable warmth and realism to people.

The exhibition area also has a game interactive area and a sales area. After viewing the exhibition, you can go to buy your favorite peripheral products or play interactive mini-games, which adds to the fun of viewing the exhibition.

This trendy art exhibition with the theme of "Fabulous Monster" is also an important attempt in the field of FION's artistic life. By creating more products that combine art and ingenuity, the art exhibition will also set foot in more cities, looking forward to every encounter with FION fans.